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"To think, it’s been almost 40 years since I started in the print industry. Can’t think of anything I haven’t done or experienced.

I learnt my craft on the press, leaving more ink on my clothes than on the paper. But it was during a time when getting your hands dirty meant you were working hard - brochures, flyers, posters and newsletters flew out the door.

Then I moved into Production Management, making sure everything came together on time. I was in charge of some pretty frenetic publications – Cosmopolitan and Wheels magazine to name a couple. 

This was followed by a Print Management role involving many large shopping centres across Australia, the Myer Centre and Elizabeth Shopping Centre in Adelaide were two of the more prominent ones – their requirements were very diverse and interesting. I sourced and managed all kinds of things, including signage, promotional material, and in-house displays.

Technology has been a real game changer, but keeping up to speed hasn’t been a problem. It harks back to my old printing days, where keeping up was par for the course. I’ve been involved in sourcing ground-breaking print technology, and worked for ground-breaking companies, learning that virtually everything can be sourced and produced.

I’ve worked with corporations like Westpac, big companies like Hills Industries, small and medium businesses, advertising agencies and a myriad of individual clients.

Rhino Print is the result of all that’s gone before. All the knowledge, know-how and know-where, bundled up into a proactive, approachable business that can help with all your printing needs.

Rhino Print will save you time and money – bit of a cliché, but true. Using our extensive network of suppliers, we source the right printing supplier at the best price. Our print production process ensures that we produce the goods on time."


Welcome to Rhino Print Management!
David Hewett – Managing Director

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